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Don’t Lose Your Patience!

… your Craft Coffee June Box is on it’s way. 

Get excited! And let us know when your box arrives - we love to see your happy faces. @craftcoffee #cupofawesome

Getting Ready for MADNESS!

We just received all of our coffee for the upcoming Craft Coffee June Box! 

Have you been following our facebook and twitter for hints on who the roasters are this month? I’ll give you a chance to guess!
Tweet at @craftcoffee #cupofawesome and see if you get it right.

These roasters want more people in the woods! 

April Box’s A-Comin’!

We know you’re as excited as we are!

The April Box has shipped and there are some real treats in there for you this month. 
Can’t wait to hear what you think! As always, we would love to see pictures, videos, posts, stories and everything in between. Post them to our facebook page or tweet @craftcoffee.

And for those of you who have never gotten a box: Guys, we’ve been around for a year now! Don’t you think it’s time to check us out…? :) 

March Madness!

We are happy to announce that the March Tasting Boxes have shipped!
Soon, notes of honeydew melon, blackcurrant, lime zest and strawberries will be tickling your taste buds and we simply cannot wait to hear what you think about it.
Perfect for warm days of spring, don’t you think?

It’s also our favorite week because we get to see all of our little Tasting Boxes make their way into your homes.

 Show us how they look when they land on facebook or tweet at @craftcoffee.

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