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Goodbye to .. Me!

Man, it’s been fun. And educating. And challenging. But mostly just great! After 5 months at Craft Coffee I’m on to new paths and am letting someone else chat with you amazing people on twitter and facebook, the instagram photos will have the touch and style of someone else and the blog will… just continue to be awesome :)

So, thanks you guys, for being part of the Craft Coffee family. I have appreciated your photos, your puppies, your thoughts on iced coffee vs. cold brew (should we continue?) and your retweets. It warms my heart to see a tweet being favorited by you - I know we had something special. 

Keep enjoying those Craft Coffee boxes! A lot of love goes into them!! 
Think I’ll go brew myself a Chemex now - maybe some Bolivian Gimme! ?

Emma (you can tweet at me)
Social Media Fairy