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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Cool it off

Today’s pro-tip is by our lovely coffee evaluator Alex Bernson.

Taste your coffee at different temperatures
Here’s a real simple way to learn a lot more about a coffee: try drinking it at cooler temperatures than you normally would.
It is easiest for us to taste things when they are near our body temperature, and harder when they are too hot or cold. This is why bad beer is served ice cold, and truck-stop coffee piping hot.
If you let your cup of coffee cool, you’ll notice that the acidity—the lively high notes in the experience—will open up and become more distinct. You may also notice more sweetness as it cools.
In general, the better a coffee is, the wider its range of enjoyable temperatures.
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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Quality Assurance

Some of you may have heard that one of the coffees in the May Box is from Kuma Coffee

Mark Barany from Kuma just send us this photo from Seattle.
He cupped all the batches of roasted coffee that are going in the Craft Coffee boxes to make sure that the quality of your coffee is top notch.

Mmm… doesn’t that look delicious? It doesn’t get more fresh than this!
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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Rwandan Roasts

Today’s Pro-Tip is written by Alex Bernson, one of the Craft Coffee evaluators. Rwandas land on our cupping table from time to time and we’re excited to see more and more good stuff show up. Here’s why:
If you’ve been receiving a Craft Coffee box for the last couple
months, or have the fortunate ability to get coffee from multiple
great coffee roasters where you live, then you may have noticed some
special things coming out of Rwanda. All sorts of different roasters
have recently been offering beautifully clean and complex Rwanda
coffees bursting with flavors of bright citrus, sweet caramel and
savory tea.  In our April box we featured Detour Coffee Roasters
Rwanda Buf Cafe, and in March we featured Augie’s Rwanda Kivu. Both
are lovely coffees, but the Detour Buf Cafe is particularly
interesting because there are a ton of different roasters who have
bought this cooperative’s coffee. Each roaster brings a differentstyle and perspective to making these Rwandan coffees shine. Irecently tried a Rwanda that was roasted a little darkerto emphasize the caramel and tea flavors over the citrus flavors. If youhave the chance, try a Rwandan coffee, especially the Buf Cafe, frommultiple roasters and see what differences you can notice!

Thanks, Alex (@alexbernson)

To all you coffee lovers out there: What’s your experience with Rwandan coffees? Especially the ones from previous Craft Coffee boxes.
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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Imbibe Magazine keeps it simple!

We borrowed today’s Pro-Tip from one of our favorite magazines: “Imbibe”!
In this months issue (May/June 2012), coffee pros are talking about coffee-do’s and we want to share one of the tips with you:

 ”In all honesty, brewing delicious coffee can be as simple as you want it to be,” says Pete Licata, 2011 U.S. Barista Champion and partner in Hawaii’s Isla Coffee. While going out and finding new, dazzling funky-shaped or vintage styled coffee equipment can be a fun way to drop a few dollars, if you’ve already got the basics, it’s not necessary. “A lot of coffee pros will tell you to go get a special water kettle and some sort of expensive imported dripper that you have to use,”he says. “Instead, I love asking people what they have in their kitchen and suggesting ways they can make coffee with what they’ve got. If all you have is a campfire, a metal post, a sock (preferably clean) and a hammer you can still make tasty coffee as long as you know what to do with those things.” And the most important thing to have on hand? Good beans are the ultimate key to a great cup, says Licata. Focus your energy and bucks on buying great beans and brewing them the best you can on the equipment you have, and that will make your morning as enjoyable as your brew.

Do you agree? 
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Thanks, Imbibe!