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Music Monday: Craft Coffee Team

Today’s playlist is put together by Emma who is the marketing intern at Craft Coffee (if you tweet at Craft Coffee you’re probably talking with her). Emma moved from Denmark to New York last summer, but she already has a lot of American favorites. 

Enjoy the soundtrack of the week!

Chiddy Bang - Ray Charles (This song can instantly make me smile. So much joy)
Trentemøller - Moan
(Trentemøller is a Danish DJ. His songs are perfect for when you walk down the street with a confident stride)
Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow (Wiz Khalifa’s album reminds me of when I first moved to New York. Brings back memories)
Medina - For Altid (I’m Danish, so it would be weird if there wasn’t a song in Danish in here right? Medina is actually filming a music video in New York as we speak)
Robyn - Get Myself Together (Wow, I just realized how much scandinavian music I still listen to!)

Thanks, Emma.
Be sure to tweet at her @craftcoffee 

Music Monday: Novo Coffee

Today’s Music Monday Playlist is put together by Jake Brodsky, the co-founder of the amazing Novo Coffee!

Here goes!
Spearhead - Say Hey
Bad Weather California - I’ll Reach Out My Hand
Manu Chao - Desaparecido
Public Enemy - Bring the Noise
Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded

Tell Jake what you think of his playlist: tweet @NovoCoffee and @CraftCoffee!
Thanks, Jake!
You can find these tracks on the Craft Coffee Spotify playlist. Get the playlist here.

Music Monday: Detour Coffee

Are you ready for some sweet tunes? Every Monday we will present a playlist compiled by the roasters of the month, the Craft Coffee team and other awesome coffee’ists.
We’re calling it Music Monday. 
This week’s playlist is made by Kaelin, the owner of Detour Coffee.
This is your soundtrack for the week - enjoy!

Caribou - After Hours (he’s from Dundas where we are based but known internationally and we work after hours sometimes)
Perfume Genius - All Waters (really enjoying this album)
Bon Iver - Holocene (don’t care if he won a Grammy, still great…and dating a Hamilton girl Kathleen Edwards …hamilton is next to Dundas)
Guided By Voices - Tractor Rape Chain (old school melodic-keep us roasting music)
Joel Plaskett - Happen Now (Halifax alt rock hero and I worked on this music video in my former career)
Thanks, Kaelin! Be sure to enjoy the Detour Coffee in this months Craft Coffee box and say hi to Kaelin by tweeting @detourcoffee.
The playlist will be available on Spotify in the playlist “Craft Coffee Soundtrack”.
- and yes, that is a parrot on his shoulder. 

Tweets of the Week

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to sum up this week’s twitter activity!

Adam Sirois @adamsirois:

just heated up a leftover cup of coffee in the @GA microwave. man, @craftcoffee would kill me if they saw..

Erica Hsu @ericahsu

@craftcoffee I plan to enjoy the beautiful weather by spending time doing outdoors-ey activities, like hiking! : )

Vijay Nathan @vijayrnathan

Congrats to @craftcoffee on their 1 year anniversary. Can’t wait to get my box!

Yuka Nagai @yukayours

@MarkCWills No prob, I think it’s fantastic - personalized & convenient. I’m thinking of giving @craftcoffee a try.

Drew Moody @cornerofthecafe

@craftcoffee greetings from a Chicago parking garage/apartment building!

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