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Hats off to 1st Official Craft Coffee Doodle!

We are loving this Craft Coffee inspired doodle and review by Mr. Draw Coffee himself!

Check out this post and the rest of his blog here:

Craft Coffee Doodle

Craft Coffee is a great service out of Brooklyn, NY - basically, they choose three quality roasters each month, and send a small bag of each to your doorstep for an extremely reasonable price. I first heard about Craft on DCILY’s post “Enjoying the Variance of Craft Coffee.”Craft is a great way to try new coffees from great roasters all over the country if you aren’t able to travel and visit them, or if you just aren’t sure which coffee to try next - Craft has already done the work for you.
Do you have any Craft Coffee inspired doodles? Post them in the comments,we would love to see!