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Craft Coffee at the 8th Annual WIRED Store

We’re excited to announce that WIRED Magazine selected Craft Coffee to be part of the 8th Annual WIRED Store in Soho this year!

You can also find us in the online WIRED Store.

Red (light) carpet, WIRED Store Opening
[Red carpet of lights in Soho, WIRED Store Opening]

WIRED describes the WIRED Store as an “elite pop-up gallery featuring the latest and greatest in gadgets, gear, art, décor and special events.”

Check out some highlights from the opening night party with us!

Mike, our founder, was lucky enough to nab an exclusive invite to the opening night party. DJ ?uestlove kept the party going while we hobnobbed with celebs like Amber Tamblyn, Nikki Reed, Rob Buckley, Vanessa Bayer and, oh so ironically, Portlandia’s Fred Armisen. 

[Craft Coffee on display in the WIRED Store]

Exciting to see Craft Coffee on display! Mike carries around Craft Coffee promotional cards (founders are known to do things like that!), so he left some behind as gifts for visitors.

This year’s theme is “What’s Inside.” Instead of the usual photo booth, all the ladies got an x-ray image of what was in their bag to take home. WIRED said they wanted us to think about the everyday objects we carry around with us.

The walls on the way to the martini bar were adorned with vintage Star Wars posters from Italy. Classy!

The lego art was amazing too. This piece was maybe 5 feet tall!

The WIRED store is open to the public until 12/23/12. If you’re in NYC this holiday season, check it out!

Thank you to WIRED Magazine for recognizing all the hard work we do here at Craft Coffee to bring our customers truly amazing coffee experiences!

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