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You’re already receiving the world’s best coffees each month in your Craft Coffee subscription box - but are you sure you’re getting the most delicious cup possible? We’re proud to introduce the "How To Make Coffee" section of our website, featuring instructions for the six methods we use to brew and evaluate coffees in our office: automatic coffee makers, French press, Hario V60, Chemex, Aeropress, and Kalita Wave. Our detailed, easy-to-follow brew guides are perfect for trying out a new brew method or even just brushing up on your skills! Continue reading below for a breakdown of all the information you’ll find on our all new brew guide pages.

craft coffeeShort on time? Making coffee for a group? Want a bolder brew? “At A Glance” covers the basics: how long it will take, how much coffee you’ll end up with, and what qualities you can expect in your cup. You can also find out how long each Craft Coffee bag will last you. All of our guides are fine-tuned to work perfectly with the specific amount of coffee you receive in your bags, meaning less wasted coffee more caffeinated bang for your buck!

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Have you ever made it halfway through a recipe before realizing you don’t have that one vital piece of equipment? We made sure to include every little thing you’ll need to make a perfect mug in this section - even the mug itself! - to avoid any surprises that would keep you from enjoying your delicious brew.

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Some brew methods - namely single cup pour over - work best with specific amounts of coffee and water. With automatic coffee makers and French presses, though, you can make anywhere from a single serving to a large batch for a group. The “Measurements” section on the coffee maker and French press pages makes it easy to scale up or down as the occasion demands.

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"Before You Brew" has tips on how to achieve the best cup possible at home with each brew method, as well as more general suggestions that will help you step up your coffee game overall. 


craft coffee, french press instructions

All of our instructions are based on the tried and true methods that our tasting team uses to evaluate the world’s best coffees each month. We’ve broken them down into easy-to-follow steps accompanied by detailed photos, making it simple to check whether you’re following each step properly.

We’d love to see our new brew guides in action. Show off your skills and your favorite Craft Coffee on our Facebook or Twitter!

Happy brewing!