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63 Reasons Our March Coffee Subscription Box Will Blow Your Mind

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It always amazes us how quickly the coffee bags pile up around our office. In the past month we tasted 63 coffees from artisan coffee roasters around the country, and these bags are evidence of our tireless quest to put only the best beans in the upcoming subscription box for March. Our coffee tasters don’t get to see all the lovely packaging you see above, though. We use blind evaluations to level the playing field for every sample we receive (read more about how the Craft Coffee selection process works). But we still hold onto the bags, partly for ambitious art project ideas in the future, party for archival purposes, and partly just because they’re cool!

Want to get your hands on our top 3 picks from the lineup above? There’s still time! Head over to our coffee subscription page and place your order before 5 pm EST this Friday, March 7.