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Pro-Tip Tuesday: Clean Out the Gunk!

Pro-Tip Time. I give you your favorite: Alex Bernson 

Cleanliness is crucial to good coffee. There are many compounds in coffee that can dirty things up, especially the coffee oils that will coat your brewing equipment and go rancid if you don’t clean them off. You should at least rinse, if not soap and scrub, your brewers after each use, but for deep cleaning, there’s nothing better than Cafiza. Used primarily to clean the tenacious the gunk in espresso machines, a bit of this stuff in hot water will also do wonders on your brewing equipment, as well as any other mess you can imagine. Grease traps from stoves, dirty tubs, baked on food, etc. Just be careful, this will start to eat away at delicate plastic if you leave it sitting!

Get some at Sweet Marias

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