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Can you guess where the coffee is from in this week’s Epic Tasting Note?

Time to put your coffee smarts to the test! See if you can guess which country this coffee is from based on this lavish tasting note:

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Scroll down for the answer




Are you ready?

This elegant coffee is from Ethiopia. Specifically, it’s from a region in Ethiopia called Yirgacheffe, which is known for producing beautiful coffees with delicate floral qualities unlike anything else you’ll ever taste.

We work hard to make sure each of our monthly subscription boxes contains the perfect mix of coffees from different growing regions around the world. They say variety is the spice of life. We think it goes further than that. Coffees from different countries can taste remarkably different, so offering 3 coffees each month helps you discover what you love and, maybe, what you don’t love. It’s all part of the journey!

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Craft Coffee By The Numbers

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Another two weeks down, another slew of coffees that our expert tasters ran through the gauntlet. If you look at this breakdown side by side with the By The Numbers from two weeks ago, you’ll see that we tasted almost the exact same number of coffees. This kind of consistency helps our team find the best coffees around to put in your subscription box each month. You may also notice that Colombia edged out Ethiopia and Kenya at the top of the list for coffee samples by country. This is because coffee is a highly seasonal crop, just like any other fruit or vegetable, and the fresh Colombian coffee crops are making their way to roasters around the world. You can see how this wave of Colombians influenced the “most mentioned tasting notes” with chocolate, caramel, honey, and butterscotch - the rich, sweet characteristics we love about the country’s prized coffees.

Coffee Swag from El Salvador

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The burlap sack in the background here was used to ship one of the selections in our coffee subscription box this month from the farm in El Salvador where it was grown to an importer in California, and finally to Coffee Slingers Roasters in Oklahoma. Bags like this one have been used to store and ship coffee beans for almost as long as coffee has been grown. It was an awesome surprise to find this packed in alongside hundreds of pounds of artisan coffee beans from the roaster.

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